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Our Story


It all started from the summits of Jabal El Shiekh (Mount Hermon), a sacred mountain for the people of the region and the highest summit in the eastern mountain range of Lebanon. Known by French colonists as the “Mountain of a thousand flowers”, Mount Hermon is also the birthplace of the Jabal El Sheikh Honey brand.The region offers a rich source of wild flowers and plants well known for their curative properties. In this cherished area, bees journey to produce one of nature’s most unique gifts, honey.





In 1966 Ibrahim Kadamani started beekeeping as a hobby in Rashaya, a rural village located at the foot of Mount Hermon. Driven by an inner passion towards bees he researched and explored all information related to beekeeping. He eventually became a reference in the domain and by 1973 he was elected the president of Beekeepers Association in Lebanon.

In the mid-eighties he began to transport his beehives to different territories of various altitudes experimenting with the production of honey from diverse types of flower fields. He extracted the orange blossom honey from the southern coast of Lebanon famous for its citrus orchards and the oak and cedar wood honey from the western mountain range of Lebanon. In the Eastern mountain range, home of Mount Hermon, with its rich variety of wild plants and thorny flowers he harvested the seasonal assortment of summer honey.





In the early nineties he classified the Jabal El-Sheikh honey brand into four types:

Orange Blossom Spring
Mountains Oak Forest
Mountainous (October)
Shandib & Zallou’ (RAW-ORGANIC)  



Ibrahim Kadamany’s passion and dedication allowed him to establish one of the best honey production companies in the region. His 5 sons inherited this great tradition turning the Jabal El Sheikh establishment into the Jibal Loubnan Company, the foremost producer of high quality honey. With growing demand for natural products, the company grew to include other items which are now exported internationally. In keeping with their father’s passion for nature, Jibal Loubnan is now a market leader in agricultural products in Lebanon, packaging only the highest quality natural products. The brand’s popularity drove expansion and today Jibal Loubnan collects the best honey from beehives all over Lebanon maintaining high quality assurance standards with strict measures for professional beekeepers to follow. Laboratory tests provide grading and classification of the honey before it enters the production process as the results guide filtration and packaging procedures. The result is the rich, premium 100% natural honey that we hope to share with you.