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Our Strength

When Ibrahim Kadamani first brought his beehives to Rashaya in 1966 he didn’t know then that his hobby would turn into the wholesome business it is today. Since those early days the company has grown into a beacon of excellence in the honey production domain making Jabal El Sheikh honey the foremost leader in its region.
During these years of growth, our honey brand developed the following points of strength, distinguishing and making our process one of care and passion.

Beekeepers since 1966:

...Jabal el Sheikh Honey is not just about collecting, bottling and promoting honey; it is about the fields, and flowers, the hives and their health.
There is nothing more valuable for the quality management of honey than the know-how gained from direct practice in apiaries. A well experienced beekeeper knows how to maintain healthy bees in the healthiest environment to harvest the best honey. With 46+ years of experience Jabal El-Sheikh owners have always been, and still are the hands on beekeepers for their own apiaries as well as their vendors’. This special asset is what makes the difference in what we provide.

Quality Control & Traceability:

...It’s our consistent quality control that builds trust, locally and abroad.
Since the early seventies our founder started random laboratory testing for each crop. Later on and as the demand for the export started to rise, additional tests per shipment were done. By 2003 every individual batch of honey from our beehives and those of our vendors is tested and labeled, making each step of our honey process, from the fields to your table- a clear, traceable and honest process.

Partnership with small & medium size beekeepers:

…Building bonds in the community.
In addition to the honey produced in our own apiaries, Jabal El-Sheikh sources honey from a group of small and medium size apiaries in Lebanon. These apiaries are members of dedicated beekeeping co-ops that commit to the same quality standards that we at Jabal El- Sheikh honey abide by. We often collect their crops and include them in our seasonal harvests. We are proud to work with such vendors and in doing so, we are strengthening our collective quality standards and success.

Beekeepers Cooperatives:

…Pride in the business of working together.
Beekeeping requires a lot of knowledge and practice. While you can read valuable information from a book, the best knowledge in beekeeping is what is exchanged between different beekeepers who share their experience and findings. Jabal El-Sheikh has always been at the forefront of beekeeping cooperatives in Rashaya & Lebanon as either presidents or members, and even aided in raising the education level in all local apiaries to meet the highest universal standards in producing natural honey.


…Where the good is always getting better.
We make sure to attend all local and international conventions (mainly Apimondia) related to the apiary industry. These conventions, conferences and exhibitions display and discuss the latest findings and concerns of the largest international apiary institutions.


International community involvement via exhibitions such as:
Anuga – Germany; Sial – france; Gulfood – Dubai; Horeca – Lebanon


Lebanese Ministry of Industry – ELCIM: Best Quality and Packaging Award.
First Protocol – Social Economy Award: Best Traditional Product Marketing.