Our Story

The founder of Jabal El-Sheikh ets. started small scale beekeeping in the Jabal El-Sheikh Mountain area. Over the years, Jabal El-Sheikh Honey’s product integrity and dedication became symbols of nature’s refinement and a synonym of well-being, good health and quality.

Blossoming since 1966

Our story began in Rashaya, a small village in Lebanon situated at 1,350 meters above sea level on the western slopes of Mount Hermon, also known as the “mountain of a thousand flowers”.

In 1966, the journey of Jabal El Sheikh Honey started in love who spent most of his time exploring, observing, and studying books about the health benefits of honey.

56 years+

Funding research into honey bee welfare

From hobby to product

That hobby turned into a full-time job that developed a new road map for the honey industry in Lebanon with the formation of the Lebanese Beekeepers’ Association in 1973 and the election of our founder as president of the association.

In the early 1990s, Mr. Ibrahim shared his vision with his sons, who committed themselves to keeping his legacy alive and getting the business to where it is today.

Bringing health &
pleasure to people’s lives!

Our mission is to bring health and pleasure to people’s lives by
taking care of our honeybees and harvesting their pure delicious
honey with passion and love. For all that we will never compromise
on the quality of our honey

Industry partners

Jabal El Sheikh Honey has many partners in the honey industry in Lebanon and abroad that
rely on us for our ethical sourcing, high-quality standards, and wide industry expertise.

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